Emily’s Ardor Etsy Shop

Well it’s official. I am closing down the Etsy Shop. Because of rising shipping and material cost it just isn’t an efficient business for me to be in.

So I have started writing more on the blog and creating new and exciting content about how to create your very own Emily’s Ardor products. For example: DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub and Wild Sage Scented Soy Candle DIY are my most recent additions to the site.

While I work to continue my dreams and make a living I will be sharing with everyone the experiences and business ideas I do have along the way.

One day I’ll have my brick and mortar store. One day I’ll have a book finished. Until then… I really hope you enjoy the blog.

I look forward to sharing my journey along the way!

Living. Loving. Writing.

Emily A G

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