Back To School!

Here we go again… I have now done my second enrollment in college classes and I can’t believe how actually excited I am to be learning some new knowledge. Of course all of it is online classes again and they are all business and finance related.

I’m taking 3 classes this semester and they are: Entrepreneurs Accounting, Intro To Business and Sanitation & Safety. I’m. Really. Getting. Pumped!!

It’s thrilling to see what these classes hold for me and what types of techniques I will be learning to help my family and business. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be doing something you think you’re going to love.

It’s going to be a busy season for me come the end of the month. Blogging. School. And I’m starting as one of the heads of a program for Fire Watch in my local community. These fires around Orange County have been intense lately and seem to be getting closer and closer to my little paradise here.

I’m excited and terrified to be taking on all these challenges in one season but I am looking forward to it all and I’m highly motivated to succeed and thrive!

Wish me some luck please on all of my new endeavors! It’s going to be a busy season for sure!

Living. Loving. Learning.

Emily A G❤️

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