Budgeting…Part 1

It’s a dreaded topic. And for some crazy reason everyone wants to charge you to learn about budgeting!

I just don’t understand the concept of paying someone to teach you how to save money… doesn’t it seem like that’s the opposite of what you are trying to do?!

So I have decided to stop the pattern with me. I have compiled some easy easy tips on how to create a budget and how to keep things balanced and to save actual money.

First, some background information: My husband and I have a pretty strict budget. I’m totally overly watchful when it comes to accounts and investments and what it all looks like all day long. I try very hard to keep things as tight as possible so we can eventually save up from a down payment on a house and only working with one income is sometimes challenging.

Between the Husband’s work bills and our household bills we have a pretty big nut. So I watch everything pretty closely. My husband is a freelancer so our income isn’t always constant but we mange to keep adding to saving as well and getting 10-99 taxes figured out. Keeping track of our tax deductions as well as saving for a house is never easy.

If you need to know more on how to 10-99’s … IRS 10-99 forms

One thing I do is look for “free printable” budgeting papers on Pintrest. They are all over the place and usually only ask for a email list join. I enjoy writing with pen and paper and using high lighters on our bank account printouts to see what is going in and out and to where for how much. Bills and food are always top responsibility.

I like to use anything that is free to help me with my finances and sometimes that’s hard to come by. Free is one of my favorite words now a days. I use to be all about spending and shopping wherever was easiest. Now it’s the 99cent only store and where I know has the cheapest things around.

So this is my little background on our lives and what we are up against! Check back to see my next post about some real tips and tricks on how to save some money for free! Yes, FREE!

Check back soon!

Living. Loving. Saving.

Emily A G

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