Just A Simple Plate of Nachos

I had one of those days where nothing seemed to be working for me. It was a Tuesday. I wanted to stomp my feet like a toddler I was so “grrrr”.

Then a simple plate of nachos saved my day.

I woke up, late. I forgot to wash my hair. I cut my nails to short. That was just the start.

I was really excited for dinner that night. I had planned for huge juicy burgers with potato salad and fruit. I was way to excited.

So when I started the potato salad at 11 am I was already doing a happy dance inside. Finally they where cooled enough and ready to mix with the rest of the ingredients. I mixed and picked up the bowl to put it in the fridge.

Then it slipped. It fell right out of my hands and onto the floor.

The whole bowl flipped face down on the 1 rug I had in my kitchen. 6 diced potatoes, 1 head of celery, half a red onion… all on the floor. And what didn’t land on the rug or floor landed on and in my Ugg boot.

I wanted to cry. I stood there just starring. Then I saw Loretta. She sat next to the rug just waiting for me to say “okay go ahead”. So I took off my boot, shook out the chunks and picked up the whole rug and told Loretta “Okay” to clean up the rest. Thank the Lord for dogs and their eagerness to clean up the floors.

I had contemplated taking pictures but of course my phone was not in reach and sometimes I just don’t want to be “that person.” So I contemplated what was next… I cleaned the bowls and the floor. I looked into the fridge desperately. I had no potatoes left so no baking fries. So I thought screw it. We will have burgers and fruit and felt settled with that decision.

30 minutes before I’m about to serve dinner and I’m in the fridge again. “Where are the hamburgers?” Turns out… They where still in the freezer. I broke down. I sat on the floor and looked for answers. “What’s going on… What. Is. Going. On? So I got out my phone. I was about to text my husband “Screw this. Let’s get Mcdonalds for dinner,” but I remembered… Our Budget. Suddenly I felt some courage build inside me and I turned around to open the fridge again. “What’s in here….” I saw the guacamole first… shredded cheese, sour cream, left over refried beans & ground beef from the burritos the other night, and it all started popping together! Nachos! It had been so long since I had made nachos for anyone other than just myself so I got my big dish ready and started assembling. I have to say it came out picture perfect!

My husband came in not really knowing a thing about my day and was excited and surprised to see it was Nachos in front of the TV for dinner that night. “Dinner win,” he called it. I felt better. I felt happy that we kept our budget, ate something tasty and had a happy husband!

Here’s the reason for this post, I felt positive about my decisions after such a rough day. I felt like I conquered something that was giving me high anxiety. I stuck with our meal budget! I watched my husband’s face light up from a dinner I made. Nachos saved my day. So I wrote about it. My mental health is really important to me so having a rough day and feeling defeated and then turning it around and defeating that made me feel like sharing.

“The true definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past or future, but rarely living in the realism of NOW.” 
― Shannon L. Alder

Living. Loving. Budgeting.

Emily A G❤️

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