Budgeting Tips and Tricks (2)

I love sharing the things I do to save all of the money I can. I’m a frugal woman and proud of it!

Poshmark– Buy, Sell and Trade your clothing! I have a problem. I, Emily Graham, am a bit of a shopaholic. I love buying new clothes and I used to just donate clothes that I didn’t even wear! So now I sell them. All it takes is snapping a few photos and doing a bit of sharing on the site and tada! Money in the bank! Or in your Poshmark account if you keep it there like I sometimes do. I use that money and that money only to buy new/old clothes. Works out well I have to say!

OfferUp– Buy and Sell household goods and discounted prices. YUP! All the clutter around your house? That extra bookshelf your not sure what to do with? Those old patio chairs and table? Again, take a couple pics and post at a reasonable price!

99cent Only– It’s not only silly gift ideas it’s everything! I buy almost all of my produce there and a good chunk of everything else. Most 99cent stores take food from other big name stores and from that back door right to the 99cent store backdoor. I buy my bread, fruits and veggies, frozen foods, milk, eggs, and butters. ALL ORGANIC! Toilet paper isn’t the softest but it works and the cleaning products work. 99cent brand laundry detergent works wonders on stains and they always have pet food in stock.

Bulk Meat Buying– I like to use a mixture of Walmart and Omaha Steak Company. I always thought buying bulk meat was weird but seriously it’s amazing. My freezer is basically always ready for dinner. I buy certain types of foods to make the staple meals in our house and then some other fun ones. I at least try to make one new recipe a week to keep things fresh.

Meal Planning– Plan ahead! Every Friday when I do my grocery list I do my meal plan. I plan breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole week. Yes sometimes we go off the schedule and we treat ourselves or we use one of the frozen pizzas I keep on standby but we are basically stuck on the meal plan. Ground Beef and Chicken are our main meals standards.

Save your change!- I know it’s overrated now a days to use cash when you can just slide a credit card but I noticed when I’m just sliding my card I’m not fully paying attention to prices as much. Counting up your grocery items as you go along and making sure things stay in budget is not hard but it’s not always the easiest thing to do when you are impulse shopping. Also, it leaves you with change. Take that change and put it in a bucket, bin or jar. When the container is full, roll it and exchange it to the bank. I know the coin dump spots seem easier but I have to tell you the percentage they take out of your money isn’t worth the cost when you could roll it, very easily, yourself

Walmart Grocery Store Pickup– I have to admit as this may be one of my saving graces. I never have to go inside of the store! I order what I need online or on the app and then set up my pickup time. Here’s the thing, I’m not wandering around the store looking at things. I’m not buying off my list or meal plan thinking, “Oh this looks neat”, I’m only getting what I know I need. WHAT A CONCEPT! And now this system is going to all Walmart’s nationwide!! HOORAY!

I hope this post was helpful for some of you and can help you begin to save and make some more extra cash!

Good luck! And I hope you save a couple bucks!

Living. Loving. Saving.

Emily A G

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