The internet is out! Now what do I do?!

Our internet kept dying for 3 Days. It would be on and then buffering for 20 minutes and then work and then shut down completely for like an hour… (PRINT THIS OUT! I was all excited to check back at my list when the power was out recently for ideas… But guess what? It was online! I couldn’t even view it! 😂😂 Jeez Louizz)

With how life is these days it’s hard to do much without it! No social media. No music apps. No tv! So what can you do? Clean?! Some people even have their whole houses connected to the internet! The kitchen the locks on the doors?!

So options… I know I know. Sometimes it seems so simple to think about but to be honest I felt stumped. Then the blog post idea popped into my mind! What can you do when the internet is down? Ours in our area seems to fail more and more and with my husband’s work all being computer based it makes the time it is down pass by incredibly slowly… So while you wait for your internet to return here’s some options:

  • Read a real book
  • Bake something from a recipe book!
  • Cleannnnn (I know I know it’s a duh and boring but I’m sure you have some clothes to put away or some dishes to do and it only takes a couple minutes.)
  • Take a walk!
  • Clean out your car!
  • Do some yard work (if you have a yard)
  • Practice some yoga or just work out in general
  • Watch a movie! Like a real DVD or VHS if you still have one.
  • Do your makeup and practice selfie lighting (if that’s your thing)

My husband and I got an old cd and tape player from Walmart that plugs into the wall or used batteries just so we can still listen to music even!

It’s always an interesting moment in time when our life is thrown off the rails and over coming and staying productive is always key to getting through it. So next time your internet is out or power take it as a break. A break from social media and work. A break for your everyday reality and move on to something a bit more basic. I know I know… being basic is just so… basic. Ha ha!

I hope you enjoyed the post and got an idea of what you can do if this situation ever occurs in your own home.

Living. Loving. Powering Down.

Emily A G❤️

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