Happy Halloween 👻

Coming in close on my top holiday list Halloween is truly a fun time. The scary costumes and creepy amusement parks aren’t for me exactly but I enjoy carving pumpkins and dressing up in something silly and being stunned by what people come up with to be.

From full on costumes with light displays and huge pieces to wear all the way down to the silly name tag on normal clothes saying you’re someone else. I get the giggles every time.

Last year I got the best costume… it’s a cow onesie. Yes. A cow. Theres no crazy plastic utters but a cute little hood with tiny horns and it’s super oversized. It’s comfy. It’s warm and in Southern California it’s not that cold out come Halloween night. We go off to our local fire station and hang out with the neighbors on Halloween. Our canyon doesn’t have much when it comes to street lights so we all gather and eat candy and cookies and wiggle in the fire house to spooky music.

So this year again I will be a cow and everything will be Honky Dory!

So to conclude-

H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N!!! 👻

Emily A G🎃

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