Garden Update!

The gardens has been changing for the winter so I am excited to be sharing what it looks like now before it’s all dead and winterized. 

Sadly not all of our potatoes took root and I got excited and planted broccoli right over them. Now finally one potato has rooted and is growing in-between our broccoli.

The Milkweed is all in the ground again now other then the balloon Milkweed which seems to be doing just wonderfully still in it’s pot. We gotta be getting it out of there soon though so it can start to spread itself out some more.

All of our pickles died. They got sick and rotted and looked horrible. Nothing is growing in it’s place as of yet but I’m excited for the next idea I come up with n Early Spring.

Our Lemon Trees are doing wonderful and our tomatoes are rocking it like always. At the moment I have a total of 4 now! (Only 1 being cherry tomatoes)

The Serrano Pepper plant has been producing slowly but surely lately but I need to get it out of a pot and into the ground as well to let it start getting bigger a better.

Everything else is just going as usual. The roses, violets and lilacs are all going dormant, the apple tree is growing in well and the Jacaranda Tree is reaching as high up as it can.

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G ❤️

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