The Holidays Are Upon Us!

And I’m doing BlogMas this year!! Get ready for 25 days of blogging about the Christmas/Holiday season and all that it means to me and my family. I’ll be sharing a lot about how our house does the holidays as well as Yule tide recipes and easy DIY crafts for the season!

This time of year is always exciting for me and finally I have gotten the courage to take on BlogMas.

25 days of Holiday themed blog posts! I have been planning this since mmm Julyish? I have been thinking of post themes, day dreaming about recipes I plan on trying and looking for easy crafts that can be easily stored away when the holidays are finished.

Life has been all over the place lately for me from school, to fire watch and my wifely duties and it’s going to be nice to have a kind of sorta break when the holidays arrive. Fire season will be over. School will be out till mid January and I’m still considering another semester of work with that, and of course my birthday month will be right around the corner.

I’m so anxiously excited for this new season and it being a good relaxing, full experience.

Be on the lookout for my BlogMas posts! It’s seriously all right around the corner! 😉

Living. Loving. Blogging.

Emily A G🎄

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