What I Love About The Holidays 🎄

Happy BlogMas Day 4!!I have to be honest. I wasn’t always completely stoked about the holidays. I actually felt more bummed out they where around. “Great I gotta spend a bunch of money I don’t have.” “Awesome, gotta reconfigure my whole living room to incorporate a tree.” “Ugh the sammme music a whole month long!”

Now it’s more nostalgic… “Oh I get to buy presents!” “How exciting to give my living room a change up!” “Awe those same tried and true Christmas songs… Gosh will these ever get old?!” I forget I hated this holiday…

I watched people waste time and energy… money they didn’t have. Hassles about where and what to buy. Bleh!

Not anymore. I love it. I love redecorating. I love getting the house together and wrapping tons of presents! I’m actually decked out for the holidays come Nov 1 and I refuse to take anything down till the last day of January. I bought all this holiday stuff! I’m redoing my whole living room layout! You want me to only do this for the month of December?!

I don’t think so…

I mostly do all of it myself and I’m super proud when it’s done. The husband gets off work and comes inside to a whole new space on Nov 1… tree up✔️ lights on the the house✔️ random things are changed up (like dish towels and fireplace set ups)✔️

I. Love. It. So. Much. And even more…

Keep checking back for the next addition to BlogMas tomorrow!

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G🎄

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