Christmas Music

Happy Day 6 of BlogMas! I’m hearing the bells a ringing and the choirs starting to sing….

The Christmas season comes with some truly beautiful things, from decorated trees, houses covered in lights, homes filled with the smells of home bakers all around… Then whats that? Your ears! They hear the Christmas songs! Oh the music… I used to hate it. I thought it was annoying and repetitive. Oh the tree! Oh the presents! Oh the children! Santa! Oh shut up! I thought… Then I met my husband and of course everything changed inside me.

Every year now we limit our Christmas music intake. Of course stores play it, and same with the radio but we listen to mostly Pandora so that doesn’t affect us much. But we make time for it.

A couple days before Christmas we take a drive… We get coffee and doughnuts, we turn on Classic Christmas Radio on our Pandora and drive around mapping out the best decorated houses around the area. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year… We look around and giggle with each other singing fun Christmas songs in the car together. I mean if you knew my husband you would be wanting to do this too and you would be wishing Christmas hung around just a little bit longer.

So if I’m going to give anything to you from this post I hope you take some time to enjoy the holiday. Go for a walk or a drive to see some work people did on their homes to make everyone’s day just a slightly more joyful. Go grab a cup of hot coco or coffee and sit and listen to some guy sing about Jolly Ole Saint Nic. Just take a minute to enjoy.

Living. Loving. Christmasing.

Emily A G

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