A Very Hobby Lobby Christmas


I’m in love with Hobby Lobby.  I can’t deny it… I wander in there and it’s like all of my cares and worries just disappear and all I can think about and imagine is my one day home.

The place where my husband and I will raise children. The place where I will have enough storage space to deck out my house in all holidays.

To be honest though… My favorite time of year to wander in here is during Christmas season. Seeing all the styles and types of Christmas’s people have is inspiring to say the least. Between the types of trees, ornaments, cookie jars… Oh the cookie jars! I was too embarrassed to take a picture of them all being in a busy store but oh my goodness gracious… They are adorable!The colors… You see my mind is easily stimulated. I see the colors, the shining lights and everything just feels better. Anyone else just into Christmas this much or is it just me?I’m a fan of the classics. The flannel and burlap, the way I feel about the browns, black, reds and greens…. Oh and the Glittery Gold… Cannot forget gold. There’s something that feels semi authentic when it comes to pine cones and evergreens surrounded by Christmas. And well Hobby Lobby sells it all! Below is the section that I normally shop in, live in, try and take naps in but the store associates keep telling me I can’t… ::Happy Place::I hope you enjoyed this Hobby Lobby Christmas time post! And you’re enjoying this fine 8th day of BlogMas.

Happy Holidaying Readers!

Living. Loving. Christmasing.

Emily A G🎄

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