Roast Beef Cream Cheese Rollups

Happy happy 10th day of BlogMas to you!Growing up I saw these little magic meat rolls all of the time! It’s the simplest of appetizers and makes you have the happy belly syndrome every time! How could you go wrong with cream cheese and roast beef?! I love adding these little babies to any cheese and vegetable platter it easy to do and makes life just a simge easier while the holidays are upon us.

  • It’s honestly incredibly simple, all you gotta do is:
  • Grab some sliced roast beef and lay it flat
  • Take a knife full of chive and onion cream cheese and spread out a thin layer on top of the roast beef slice.
  • Do a rough chop of chive onions and lay them throughout the piece of roast beef
  • From one side start rolling the roast beef with all of its goodness wrapped up inside.
  • Cut the roll length wise to make 2 rolls
  • Ta da! Assemble on a plate with all of your goodies and these bad boys are ready to go!

I seriously wasn’t lying when I said how easy they are! And you can change up too. Add thinly sliced carrots and cucumber to the in side of the roast beef roll or try a spicy cream cheese to give it a kick!

Go ahead and give them a try! I’ll wait here… 😉

Living. Loving. Eating.

Emily A G🎄

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