Favorite Christmas Movies

Happy 11th Day of BlogMas!Today I’m going to mention my love for Christmas movies… Last year my husband and I decided to start tradition and watch all 3 Santa Claus movies in one day!

I love Tim Allen. Always have. But it wasn’t till last December Netflix popped up with all 3! So now we do Cinnamon rolls and watch all 3 from morning till dusk. We stay in our pjs, snuggle up with coffee cups and cinnamon rolls and turn on our fake fireplace heater. It’s a beautiful afternoon full of giggles and silliness.

Tim Allen has always been a favorite of mine and when these all originally came out my mom got everyone on DVD.

When I think of these Christmas movies they are the only ones I can do in a row. Not too sappy. Not all funny. Not all drama. Just a great set of family fun movies.

So this holiday season I hope you take a chance to watch your favorite holiday flick and catch up on some self love snuggle time!

Living. Loving. Movie Watching.

Emily A G🎄

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