My Winter Styles

And a very merry 14th day of BlogMas to you all!

Today I decided to talk a little about fashion. I don’t claim to be a fashionista or anything close, but I do love this time of year and all of the clothes I can totally put off.

Sweater weather is surely my time of year.

Being in Southern California winter is kind of a light weight. Yes a jacket is nice but you need more rain boots then snow boots, unless you travel up the mountains. So excuse the fact that my wardrobe has shorts and long sleeves in the mix as well as the occasional Birkenstock nock off.

Please be kind. My husband and I did the photos. 🙂 And I’m not a picture person at heart. Watch us try hard for this first attempt with him and I working behind the camera and me modeling uncomfortably kinda sorta… 😅

All of my makeup for these pictures was done with these fine and glorious products. Thank you little bunch for making me feel photo decent. 👌🏻

Style 1: Everyone has the old reliable sweater. The comfy one that never looses its luster. Between all the parties of the winter season down time is desperately needed, desired and looked forward too by me and down time is expressed by my clothing choices. “The Struggle Is Real” sweater purchased from PoshMark, leggings and socks from Victoria’s Secret PINK, crushed velvet scrunchy from ULTA Beauty.

Style 2: Some days you gotta dress up. Winter is almost known for being the busiest time for parties and such so you gotta look your best pretty often. My go to outfit for such occasions is, Dress from Tilly’s , Black Tights from Stitch Fix, Black Booties from PoshMark, and Golden Leaf earrings from Etsy Shop @ThreeArrowsCo

Style 3: This is my go to look for the winter rainy days! Rain Boots from REI, Black Jeggings from Stitch Fix, Rain Jacket from REI, Black and Grey Beanie from Victoria’s Secret PINK and a Thermal Floral Sleep Shirt underneath from Victoria Secret.

Style 4: Last year in the middle of winter we had days of 98 degrees! This year may or may not be the same you never know here in Southern California. High Waisted shorts from J Crew, Sandals from Kohls, Brown Spotted Sunglasses from Bass and Blessed onesie from Victoria Secret Pink.

Now that I have gotten my mini modeling session done I’m going to hide from this post for a bit out of pure embarrassment. (Ha Ha)

Living. Loving. Modeling. 😆

Emily A G👗🧥👢

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