Ode To The Christmas Tree

On the 15th day of BlogMas I’ve decided to give to you… (Sing that in the key of 8 days of Christmas please.)Oh the Christmas Tree. The beautiful shiny lights, the ornaments with a special meaning or design. Today I decided I wanted to show off my ornaments and tree and all the special meanings they have for me.

We have a fake tree, it truly does come in handy when you have it up for so many months. From Nov 1- Jan 31 my tree is up and it’s green the whole time. Luckily Febreze sells something silly to help with the problem that it’s doesn’t bring the evergreen scent into our home.

But onto the ornaments…

They Year our Pit-bull Jasmine died she sadly went on Christmas Eve morning. She was riddled with Lung Cancer. When the company Lap Of Love came out to put her down for us in the comfort of her own front yard with a pound of bacon in her belly we where so thankful for the paw print molding they took for us. So because she went so close to Christmas I turned it into an ornament. Now every year I get to see her again. I get to think about her big girl snuggles and how strong she was when she wasn’t sick. Oh my Old Lady Baby… I miss you so incredibly…

Our pine cones have to be my favorite. Every year since marriage I decided we will go somewhere fun around Christmas time and get a pinecone. I add a tag and hang it up on the tree. One day our tree will be larger and will be filled with pine cones with all the places we have been. It’s a big dream of mine now and I can’t wait to see what our tree will look like in 20 years.This ornament we actually received as a Thanksgiving gift! It’s made from a small gourde and has a miniature nativity scene inside! It’s unique and special making our tree finally feel like it’s getting more and more special by the year! I’m so happy to be sharing with you my special holiday ornaments and I hope they inspire you to always look for something extra to make you smile. Till tomorrow 😉

Living. Loving. Creating.

Emily A G

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