The Sad Part About the Holidays

Happy 16th day of BlogMas!Everyone has seen in movies or heard from someone that depression haunts them during this time of year. So during my blogmas posts I thought I would bring it up.

The holidays are a hard time for some who are not as close to family and it always makes my heart weep. I used to hate Christmas. I thought it was about my family spending too much money on stuff and having to be surrounded by nonsense. Now though I have grown to love it.

Depression swirls around this time of year and for many people it’s not cured with a small present. But a token of good will and love can be helpful. It’s always hard when you try to do something for someone else, in the way that sometimes (for me at least) it never feels like enough. A pie here, an encouraging text there. It just feels like I could be doing more. Doing more to contribute to a person’s life and make it just a little less painful.

When you think of people battling the holiday blues you think of homeless people and drunks from television, but truly it can be anyone. From your neighbor who’s wife passed away, to the mail person you barely ever make eye contact with. The extra gesture could mean just a better day.

So my quest for you today… find someone who needs the extra love. Make eye contact and smile at strangers, text someone in your phone list you haven’t spoken to in years, make cookies for the neighbors, put an encouraging note in someone’s lunch box or work locker… Just one little extra something. That’s all I’m asking.

Living. Loving. Giving.

Emily A G🙇🏻‍♀️

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