Christmas Vacation

And a Happy 21st day of BlogMas to you all! Christmas Vacation… it’s more then a movie series, it’s a day dream. Where can I go?! How can I get to snow? How come I haven’t left yet to some cabin?

Oh my heart is in the snow. Christmas doesn’t seem like Christmas unless there’s snow on the ground. Living in Tucson AZ and now here in Southern California not very often at all do I get a white Christmas anymore. So I day dream…

Big Bear CA, Mammoth CA, Yosemite CA, Mariposa CA, Idywild CA… just to name a few. I day dream about day trips into the snow. Picking up just one handful of snow to throw at my husband. I think about snow boots and shoveling with big gloves. Watching the ice melt off of your front car window and you blast the heater for warmth and to be able to drive. Snow days, ears so cold it starts to give you a headache. I’ll stand in a blizzard with a smile on my face if I could just get to one!

Oh what a day dream. I enjoyed bringing you along with me on it as I sit here on the couch looking at the bright sunny day. I’m just going to pretend it’s 2 degrees all day long…

Living. Loving. Snow Dreaming.

Emily A G❄️

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