The Neighbor Gift Basket

Happy 23rd day of BlogMas everyone! 

I’m so glad to be writing up this post! My neighbors are some of the sweetest, most generous and giving people I know, but coming up with resents for each and everyone of them can get to be a little bit much. So I decided household baskets would be the best way to do this!

I have been collecting baskets and fun recipes for months now and it’s pure joy for me to finally getting them all assembled together to pass out. 

Everything I am adding to these baskets are homemade and have a fun spin on the normal for the holiday season.

In the baskets are:

Recipes will all be added as I can so next year you can try these out yourselves! Tomorrow is officially Christmas Eve and I’m so ready for the holiday! I can’t wait to be snuggled up and opening stockings with my husband. Till tomorrow! Living. Loving. Basket Making. Emily A G 🎁

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