Flashback Friday- Darla Bear’s Story

Tomorrow is my original pet Darla’s birthday and I thought about it and can’t remember ever telling you about how I got her. I was out with a friend when a friend in Tucson AZ called me telling me he had a box of kittens he found in the alley behind his house.

“Mmmm I don’t know. I’m not really a cat person,” I said.

“What’s there to know? Get a liter box and some food and you’ll be cool.”

“Mmmm maybe till you can find her someone else?” Then the text came in. The little baby picture of her! How could I ever say no to that face?! So off to Petsmart I went. She was still being fed baby food so I didn’t know what do to. Please know I did never want to harm Darla but I just didn’t know anything. So after getting her a super large food and water bowl and a bag of kitten food, liter box and liter I headed over to the grocery for a gallon of milk.

She was delivered later on that night about 10 minutes after I got to my apartment. And she was as happy as a clam and got in the palm of my hand! Never having a cat before I had no idea what Darla was going to be like, she turned out to be pretty typical, crazy, spastic, lots of purrs and snuggles, and some very aloof behavior. At one point she was hiding so well I couldn’t find her for 2 days! I had no clue where she could of gone to living in a 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment but when o found her I was so happy I took a picture for Facebook. This muffin of mine is going to be 9 years old tomorrow and I am still as confused as ever when it comes to her. She’s still a monster and a nut case, she still eats whatever plant I put in the house and will perch wherever is most comfortable. Forever this kitty will be my favorite. She had been just mine for a long time and now is ours. Her smiles bring me joy and her glares make me hesitant always… So Happy Birthday my Bear. You are really something else.

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G😻

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