Camping Hacks and Tips 

Ohhhh camping. How I love thee… Planning campouts and trips are by far my favorite thing. The food you have is what you get unless you gather up some more. Just everything you need you gotta have!

So I just think of a list of questions when I’m planning…

“What are we eating?” (Camping *No Heat* Recipes) Look at the link to see a post I did on no heat cooking and eating ideas for camping!

“How will I keep it clean?” I have found mesh collapsible laundry baskets found at the 99 Cent Store with a trash bag as a liner for a trash can. A collapsible wash basket that has seriously saved my life. Bring a wash rag so you can dry dishes off to put away quickly and less waste to throw away then using paper towels.

“How do I keep dirt out of the tent?”- Bring a small area rug! I picked up one at the 99 Cent Store that I place outside the tent. To wipe your feet and take off your boots.

“Where am I going to dry this?”- I have found paracord with 2 polls and clothing clips as a clothes line works perfectly. While camping two polls may be hard to come by but get creative and use two trees close together or two cars packed by and roll down the windows and back up to secure the paracord tightly.

This is a list I have compiled of 99 cent store helpful buys!

  • Collapsable Laundry basket for trash bin
  • Travel Sized dish soap
  • Travel Sized toiletries
  • 3 cases of reverse osmosis 24 pack water for $7.99 !!
  • Travel sized food! Small salsa, small chips, single powdered drinks, small hot sauce bottles, 

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