Budgeting (Everyday Money Savers 4)

I’m aware how I’m going to sound here…Buuuuut saving money and being frugal isn’t all that horrible you guys! While my husband and I are saving up money for a house, starting a family and all of the toys the husband wants we have really had to figure out how to not shop on demand.

Everything these days is easily at your fingertips. From telling Alexa to order more blah blah and reminding Hey Google to add whatever to your shopping cart, it’s become easier and easier to over spend.

Yes it’s easy to yell out in your home when you need something and it magically appears in your cart or at your front door but how much extra are you spending?

So everyday I look around… As a house wife I’m able to do this often, what can I sell, how can I save an extra dollar, can we squeeze more tooth paste out of the tube? There’s always something.

Sooo, again, here are some easy things grandma used to do but we broke the habit somehow.

  • Instead of just throwing away jars and containers of things, throw out the bad product, wash and reuse the jar.
  • Take time to do a grocery list. Walk around your house and really do an inventory. I have found several dublicates from myself not paying attention and making impulse purchases. “Oh I’m sure I’m out of ranch dressing.” Nope. I wasn’t.
  • Make your own body scrubs, I love using this option and really you can make it scented how ever you want, and all of the things listed are basically in your cupboard right now! DIY Lavender Sugar Scrub
  • Start growing your own food! (Separate Post to come.)
  • Be a coupon cutter! There are many ways of doing this now online. For example I use Ebates to find coupons and cash back offers and that dictates where I end up shopping. (Walmart Grocery is on there guys…)
  • Keep checking back for more quick and easy money saving and budgeting techniques here! I have really been feeling g dedicated to getting more of this information out there! Not just on life hack posts and books people publish.
  • Living. Loving. Saving.
  • Emily A G💸
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