2 Year Wedding Anniversary


Well what do you get a man for cotton? Sadly I didn’t have time to make anything extra special for him with my new sewing knowledge so he is getting something store bought. Something special he been asking for. Something easy and something I know he’ll love…

Yes. A pair of overalls.

Let me tell you in case you don’t know, my husband is a short guy. Not like tiny but he’s about a full inch shorter than me, don’t tell him I told you… So buying a pair of overalls for him in his size is nearly impossible. His size, of course, is in no store. They have the Big and Tall, where’s the Small and Tiny?

Thank the Lord for BootBarn.com and the fact that they better to the small man. So overalls? Found them.

It’s been two years I have spent having the last name Graham and a new type of light and love has overcome me. Newlyweds is the best. All the planning. The dreaming. The plotting, that’s more me, about what our future holds now together. Oh the places we’ll go. Oh the people we’ll make… 😉

This man has given me the courage and the strength to be who am I today with him and it fills me with all of the joy.

All. Of. It.

Living. Loving. Loving.

Emily’s Graham❤️❤️❤️

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