Perserving Citrus

The way Orange County works is there’s even more citrus in the winter than the summer…Wait what?! Yes. Winter is when we get all of our oranges, limes, and lemons.

But it can get tiresome eating fruit salads and citrus stuff everything when it’s so cold outside. (Socal cold. Not normal cold.)

So I thought about it and before everything goes bad from me just looking at all of it not sure of what to do anymore why don’t I just get it ready to use later? Prepping… It’s a lifestyle.

I decided to make this post a 3 part series that way each post gets its chance to shine. Once they are all up I’ll include links on this page as well.

Dehydrated Oven Oranges

Frozen Lemon Juice

Lemon Essentail Oil

Citrus Candies

Living. Loving. Preserving.

Emily A G🍋

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