Earthquake Readiness

If you are not aware, I live in California, and although it is pretty beautiful here, it’s also pretty crazy weather wise…Like really crazy sometimes. We all know about Fire Season from my Ready. Set. Get Out. post and then there’s the rainfall after fire season which either calls flooding or it can not come at all and cause a drought which causes a harsher fire season. El Niño

But this time I’m writing to you about Earthquakes…

My camping hacks are usually what I use to prep for Earthquakes, getting enough water for everyday things, to cook with, and to clean. Oh yeah and drink! You really never know how long you will be without anything but the prep sites I have read suggest up to 1 week… But 1 week of living takes a bit of water. Cooking, washing, and laundry, and people cleaning. It can be a lot of water used and plastic bottles being used as well. So one thing I have found is the 99 cent only store or Dollar Store sells cheap water. 99 cents for a gallon or 4 cases of 24 packs of water for only $9.99. Still worth it! It’s also reverse osmosis water too!

Being where I am in California I don’t worry exactly about the damage being done to our home. Maybe some damage within the canyon with landslides and such but if you have everything you need already then what’s the big deal? To me, there isn’t one and this is why I love prepping.

Lately, my thoughts had been focused all around evacuation plans and where we will go if we have to leave, but with Earthquakes… No leaving needed really. It will be as bad as it is here everywhere, and because our canyon is ”unincorporated” we will be the last on the list to be helped out. So prep work and food storage is what I am up to.

Now that Fire Season is over, till May, I really have time to get prepped again for the inevitable earthquake coming our way.

When will it be here? We don’t know. Is it soon? We don’t know. Technically it’s already like 30 years late… Could you imagine waiting for something or someone that’s 30 years late? I would die… I hate waiting.

Living. Loving. Waiting.

Emily A G😐

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