April Garden Update

Winter is really over and Spring is springing all over the place…And I have begun to notice it’s been a while since I have posted an update on the garden.

Winter hit us a little harder than usual this year with heavy rains and dropped temperatures that brought the cold snap our Apple Tree needs, and the buds coming from it right now are just big aNd will be gorgeous!

The tomato plants got a bit of a beat up from the rains and high winds but are springing back just like I hoped.

The roses obviously enjoyed all the extra water this year! Heck they were blooming all winter long! (Only in SoCal do you get the most beautiful roses in the winter.) Right now though they are returning to their bushy selves and getting all new leaves.

Our Jacaranda Tree got a bit of a freeze but again is bouncing back nicely and has officially gotten tree size! I’m so proud of this tree. If you don’t remember when I first started taking care of it it was almost dead… living off life support… coding often…

After the rains gave us a break I got a good amount planting done and I’m always excited when things get into the ground. Like our strawberries! And they are in and spreading…

If you follow me on Instagram then you know about Frank. If you don’t, Frank is the pine tree I accidentally started growing from a pine cone I found somewhere… I don’t remember where. I’m wondering if I should start labeling the one I do collect… oh well. He’s doing wonderful. Soon I think he’s going to be needing a bigger pot.

My Lilacs are coming back and I’m beyond excited! Believe me this is the one plant that every year when the leaves fall off I worry about if they will ever come back or not. But they did just like always.

So that’s that! Honorable mentions go out to everything that survived the winter and is just not photo worthy yet. I’m hoping they will be soon and I’ll do another update later in the summer.

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G 🍀

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