Quilting… 🧵

Have you begun to notice I’m becoming obsessed with something… Something amazing…

Something beautiful…

Something useful…

Yes. Yes I mean quilting.


My first 3 quilts have all been of the same design so far. I have done with Gypsy Patchwork quilts just so I could get some of the major processing mastered. While making my first I feel in love so quickly that I immediately got to work on two more for my family. Mine with purple tones. My mother’s with reds and my sibling’s with blue.

I started my first quilt in May of 2018 and had all 3 finished by the end of December. I was truly amazed I got them all done. I was actually worried I would t be ready in time for Christmas and I would be in a struggle! But they all finished. They all worked out greatly and everyone was very excited! One day I plan to do a tutorial on this blog about how to make a quilt from beginning to end. While working on these quilts I caught myself looking up things a lot but everything was just scattered all over the place. From binding, to batting, doing the rolling and pinning, piecing and then making a tag! It’s all for one quilt but the internet has all the steps just separated out all over the place. So this has officially become one of my “Blogger Bucket List Items” and now I just have to pick and choose what kind of quilt im going to do.

Maybe a Gypsy Patchwork Quilt? They are quick and easy and the perfect way to get your feet wet when starting off in the quilting game.

Let me know in the comments what you think or if you have another design you would love to see me try and do.

Living. Loving. Quilting.

Emily A G 🧵

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