Date Nights on a Budget

I’m a HUGE fan of date nights! Going out and being my with honey makes a world of difference when a day or a week has been tough. That one on one time or even a group date can be a game changer for me when things just feel off. But sometimes our budget has other things in mind. Like needing to go grocery shopping or paying rent being the priority. But making our date nights priority seems just silly sometimes.

So where do we go what do we like to eat? What are the places that we can go to that give us the biggest bang for our buck as they say. We used to think our only option was a dollar menus deals but now there seems to be a lot more for dinners out this day and age. From dining out with your linked to Ebates card, checking out Groupon first or even just picking the best looking Taco Tuesday menu!

Some suggestions I have for you:

Look for local deals at new places. Taco Tuesday’s are my favorite. $2 Tacos with the purchase of an adult beverage? Yes please.

Groupon always has deals on meals out that make it almost feel like if you don’t go your just wasting it! Don’t go too crazy though. Look at menus before hand and pick items you know can possibly give you a two meal deal, one meal now another to take home for lunch tomorrow.

Check your credit cards for deals! Some major credit cards have cash back earning opportunities when you spend money at certain places.

If you are thinking chain restaurants look online for coupons you can print out or screen shot in your phone. Most places have deals for people who sign up for the email lists and usually deals come through there pretty often. 20% off Souplantaion? I think yessss.

In conclusion, these are my “If you gotta go out on a date night” ideas while also saving as much as you can.

Do you have any good ideas? Anything you think I missed? Leave them in the comments below!

Living. Loving. Saving.

Emily A G💰

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