Flashback Friday Beef Jerky

Do you remember my obsession with Beef Jerky? Like the straight up obsession I manifested and now, still, can’t stop making jerky as soon as I’m out?

Keep it in my purse? Yes.

Keep it in the car? Yes.

In the mini cooler I pack for car trips? Yes.

Let’s just say I really do keep it where I can. Wherever I can fit the zipper lock bag full of yummy marinated dehydrated meat strips it’s there.

Should you keep it in your purse? Or backpack? Yes.

Should you keep it in your car? Yes.

In mini coolers for car trips? Yes…. yes you should.

So for today’s flashback Friday I decided to talk about it again. Jerky. Beef jerky. And here’s my suggestion, get creative with the marinade! If you decide to do this yourself think of a fun flavor you could munch on when you need an ASAP meal.

Beef Jerky Recipe

Living. Loving. Flashing Back.

Emily A G🥩

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