The Beginning of Fire Season….

The season I hate the most… It comes between Spring and Winter….

It’s all Summer and Fall long and when the high heat comes and the high winds stir up my little heart can’t even take it. Being on the Fire Safe Council and being the coordinator of Fire Watch I get some big bugs swirling around in my stomach.

Will it get closer this year? Last year it was close…

Will I have to send out tons of patrols again?

Will I be stuck on my Twitter account again watching and waiting for some kind of news or update or whatever? Watching… waiting…

This year fire season is hopefully going to be more on the mellow side since the weather has stayed fairly cool and the rain has kept things on the wetter side. I mean we still even have water in our creek that is y’all dried out by March! How can that not be a positive sign?!

The negative about the rains though is that even with having things as wet as they are plant life has grown in massive amounts and is going to dry up into flash fuels.

So hear we are, the end of May and I’m impatiently patiently waiting for the season to start so I can get on my game. We are prepping now as canyons and will be watching the winds when they come.

Really really watching.

Living. Loving. Watching.

Emily A G👩🏻‍🚒

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