About My Blog

I know I could easily just update my about section to tell y’all all of this but I wanted to actually share it with everyone. This blog has changed a few times over the course of the years, from it being my business and all about product to what it is now which I think at the moment is just a cluster of information. From cooking to budgeting and gardening I feel this blog has struggled to find its path.

Shutting down my business on Etsy really made the change start quickly and I’m still working through some kinks on here to make it more fluid and have some intention.

But as an update, I am still trying to figure it all out. I’ll be posting on here still but possibly not as regular as other goals in life have been coming up i.e school, business opportunities and other life things I’m just not fully ready to share yet with the world. So sadly this blog may be out more on the back burner. Scheduled posts I have going will go up for sure and ideas in my drafts box will “eventually” be published but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stick to my normal 5 day time schedule.

This is all very strange and difficult for me as this blog has been a major part of my life for several years now at this point and I can’t bare to let it go. So I will be holding on with my pinky as all the rest of my fingers juggle the rest of life’s things.

So don’t unfollow yet! I’ll be doing what I can! I promise!

Living. Loving. Doing.

Emily A G❤️

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