DIY Lemon Essential Oil

Oils tend to take a while to be ready but what’s better then having your own?! Making your own! That’s what’s better! This year I have taken it upon myself to give several options on how to preserve and use all bits of your citrus harvest from the winter. I had no idea how much citrus would come from just a couple trees so I thought others may have run into the same problem as I did when winter hit.

Ingredients and Tools:

  • Vodka
  • Lemon peels (perhaps the leftover ones from juicing lemons for Lemon Juice Ice Cubes)
  • Empty clean jar with good seal on the lid.
  • Slice all of the rinds off of the lemons and shove into the jar. Then add in vodka to fill to the top. Shake jar vigorously 1 time a week for 30 seconds and keep in the dark cool area of your kitchen.
  • When your oil officially smells no longer like vodka, about 4 months, remove the peels and filter liquid into a dark container. Store and use however you wish for up to a year. (That’s about as long as I can manage to keep it around. If yours lasts longer than a year let me know in the comments below 😉)

    Living. Loving. Creating.

    Emily A G🍋

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