July Garden Update

I can’t believe how quickly we have went through this month. I swear it was a blink and gone! Normally July feels like forever for me, summer has officially hit and my mind is gone to a fog of events. From holidays, to family visits, time away, and fire watch, it’s just forever. This month had all of that and more. Well all except the time away. We actually had no time to get away so I worked more on keeping our garden in survival mode.

This summer has been not as hot but has had lots of critters. Slugs and snails had taken over our yard and I about lost my mind with how much of our food they got into. From strawberries to tomatoes and all of our pretty flowering plants too they destroyed all they touched. But now they seemed to have calmed down and taken a step back from my yard at least and my plants are coming back stronger.

The strawberries are back into full production and my few plants are starting to grow, spread, and flower.

I found a pomegranate tree at the 99 cent only store back at the beginning of spring and it’s steadily growing. Not sure when that will get around to producing but I’m excited to have it to say the least!

Our 3 tomato plants are starting to grow back in and finally getting leaves again as well as producing.

The Granny Smith Apple tree has lost all of its fruit except for one so we are watching it like a hawk as it gets bigger and bigger. Praying this year we have at least one solid large apple.

Finally our jacaranda tree has its first blooms!! It’s hard to get a photo of the purple little lovelies but they are all the way at the tip top and are filling my self with joy!

The Serrano pepper plant is coming back from its movement into the ground and finally we are getting little leaves that are making me promises to bear fruit. I have no picture of this plant for it is still not as pretty as the rest. Sorry Serrano.

Then we have the Milkweed still growing strong and finally giving some beautiful space for the caterpillars! This is what I have been truly waiting for!

And finally our ginger is reaching for the sky and putting down a few more root balls that I can’t wait to dig into.

Oh! And did I mention our peach tree I started from seed? I had given up on it a long time ago. Waiting and waiting I grew impatient and just left it in a container with some dirt it in without hope. Now it’s springing to life! It’s grown leaps and bounds since this spring and i swear I’m possibly too excited to see what happens next!!

Everything else is growing smoothly. My orange and lemon seedlings are getting bigger, the Sage seeds I started have sprouted to life, the roses are moving along slowly and the succulents are going buck wild as always. Lol!

Till next time! I plan on keeping these updates a little more up to date in the future but when summer and fall start I tend to get a bit out of focus on here and more into all of the life chores that pile up on me from winter and spring.

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G🌱

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