July Instagram Recap

July. Oh July…You came. You saw. You conquered. This month has worn me out and I’m not ready for it to be August… maybe only in the sense that it brings me a smidge closer to winter but really only in that sense. If you haven’t guessed this about me yet I’m not a summer gal. I wish it where in the 40’s to 50’s all summer long… Speaking of it you know of a place like this please leave me a message in the comments below, I gotta find somewhere to go during this time of year that can bring me glee!

Anyhow, July… you brought all of the things of summer with you, holidays, bbqs, fires, heat waves, brightness and snakes… anyone got an ETA on December for me?

Living. Loving. Daydreaming of Wintering.

Emily A G🥵

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