To Be Honest

School ended and all of my motivation for anything and everything fell completely to the waist side.

I thought school would end and I would be back into my usual routine of writing and house work. But nope. No such luck. Instead I have been bouncing back and fourth in my head of what it is I am supposed to be doing. And to be honest, completely honest, I’m a bit lost.

Things are suffering around here as well because of it. My chores are getting barely done, my iPhone keeps warning me about “screen time”, my physical appearance has been taking a hit, my gardens are looking a bit slumped, and then my bloggggg. This blog has been even difficult for me to just keep at it with.

But I’m going to start forcing myself to do better. I’m going to become more focused and push myself into a healthier attitude. First I’m going to get our health back on track. I’m going back into our elimination diet for a couple weeks and get back into my running. Next it will be scheduling true writing time and getting disciplined about it as well as getting back into the rhythm of my volunteer work. Then it will be working more in our garden.

I hear most about people getting into the blues and a slump when the sun isn’t shining as often but for me it seems to go the opposite. I get happy and healthy during the winter. As soon as summer hits I slump into a melted ball of gross and become indoor depressed.

Luckily though, fall is on its way and my little heart can be free to be full of joy again!

So here we go everyone! I’m getting back on track! I promise! Good bye summer blues… I’m over you. #ThankYouNextSeasonPlease

Living. Loving. Regrouping.

Emily A G🍁

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