Fire Season 2019

This week I am getting the house packed.

Not because I’m moving. Not because we are going on a trip. But because once again fire season has arrived.

Fires break out all over Southern California every summer and all during fall so now we have just begun to pack at the beginning of Fall and then put it all away again come middle of winter depending on how cold it gets and how quickly the flood season starts.

For example, moving certain pieces of jewelry into their safe boxes. This way I can just worry about taking the one large jewelry box instead trying to figure it all out in a hastily panic.

Getting all of our paperwork filled away and put into an easy to access area. Because when an evacuation comes there’s no time to sort through all of your paperwork piled up on your desk.

Making sure our go bag has washed clothing and all of our needed hygiene things that I have been stealing from when I forget to buy toothpaste or shampoo some weeks.

Checking the pet go bags have good food in them still and replace all the toys Loretta has made me get back out for her.

Collecting important things to me like my grandmothers apron and keeping it in a bag near the door so I won’t forget and be riddled with guilt for eternity. “Why didn’t I just pack it up, just in case” kinda guilt…

It’s truly a fun time for me. I love to pack. I love to organize and then reorganize everything I just organized last year. Making my lists… and then checking them twice… Oh good Lordy I just realized I’m Santa Clause…

If you live in a fire danger zone like I do, please make sure to check out my eviction post to see what you too should have ready to go in case the horrible call comes that it’s time to leave. Ready Set Get Out

Living. Loving. Packing.

Emily A G 🧳

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