September Garden Update

Sadly last month a small portion of my garden up and died on me. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. All I do know is I’m utterly and completely bummed out about it.

My Avocado Tree start turned brown and withered away, my Yellow Cherry Tomatoes withered away, my Roma Tomatoes… withered away and my Serrano Pepper tree just plain old seems stunted. I’m just plain old disappointed.

But in more positive news my mini red roses are thriving!

The mints have been finally planted into the ground and are growing all buck wild like.

Our one Granny Smith Apple is getting bigger every couple days.

I’ve got Lemon Grass coming out of my ears!

And the Ginger is almost ready to be harvested.

All in all life is moving along slowly over here and I’m trying my darnest to wait on growing more things for when the right actual season starts.

Not sure if I’ll be posting again about the gardens until the new year or not so wish it luck that I keep it alive!

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G🌱

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