Our Trip to Illinois

It was a quick trip in all honesty. Too quick.

I wish we could of spent a week or two.

I wish we could of seen places that have now been shut down.

I wish I could’ve taken my husband on a walk like the ones I used to go on when I was a child.

But there just wasn’t enough time.

And the time we did have was mushed with obligations. With business not pleasure. It was full of stress, of nonsense, and mixed in was the joy of being finally home. Being where I have felt most safe my whole life. Being near my childhood that feels like lifetimes ago…

It was truly a joy to be back and even with all that was going on and happening I got to find all of the sparks of happiness lined along the way.

And I can’t wait to go back…

To be back…

Hopefully it will be soon…

Living. Loving. Visiting.

Emily A G🌽

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