Flashback Friday BlogMas

Last year I did BlogMas. I started prepping in June and had everything scheduled and ready to go, as well as working my butt off to get the pictures all fully ready for when the post was scheduled.

But this year I just can’t. I have way too many projects going right now. Between trying to get my writing groove back to all of the sewing projects I need to have completed before Christmas time and of course just all of the other things that have piled up.

Having my husband working in the house again has been a big distraction for me and weirdly has been creating more havoc for our normal lifestyle then we would of ever thought would happen.

So right now I’m taking the time to think back on some good strong times. When I was writing and prepared and feeling on top of the world….

So this flashback Friday is for one of my BlogMas days. The day I’m thinking about the most is when I made The Neighbor Gift Baskets. I loved so much making these baskets for my neighbors but this year I’m struggling to think of what’s going to go inside them this year. As well- I have more neighbors I know now… does anyone know what I should do? I usually keep them to a few homemade things like cookies and sauces, this year I’m just not fully sure what to give out that will be special.

Anyone have any good thoughts? Opinions? Extra goodies that you think would make someone smile and feel special?


Living. Loving. Flashing back.

Emily A G🎁

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