Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I’m celebrating by doing no cooking.

I’m not even having anyone over! The stress it was starting to cause was giving me ulcers along with everything else that had begun to pile up on me.

The husband and I decided we needed an actual break. We needed to get out of dodge. Run away as far as our gas gage would allow us. But who knows where that will go. At the moment your guess is as good as mine since I’m writing this post ahead of time.😉 I’ll have possible photos uploaded to Instagram the day of and I’ll get them into the recap at the end of this month.

But it will be beautiful. It will be simple.

So to everyone who is planning and getting their thanksgiving underway-

Good luck! You got this! Your table setting will be gorgeous!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃🍽🍁

Living. Loving. Chilling.

Emily A G😎

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