What really happened on Thanksgiving…

Our plotting did is zero good when it came to running away for the holiday.

Rain came and made all plans come to a grinding halt.

Instead we did basically nothing. We sat at home, made our camp spot in the living room, cleaned out the freezer and fridge of all of the snacks we could find and just vegggged out.

But as we all know I can’t help but plan something! So I made a couple extra things that are special for the day like, blueberry banana mini muffins, Orange Cranberry Prosecco Punch and 2 mini apples pies for dessert time. Again… nothing crazy… just small special things for us to help enjoy the day.

Neither of us played on our phones or the ipad. Neither of us even felt compelled to do something else. We just laid together. Watched the tv or when we needed to prevent air mattress sores we went out to the yard and played in the rain.

But other than that… we just spent time together.

And that’s honestly all I ever wanted. I wanted a day with my husband. A day to just be with him and do nothing with purpose…

So that’s what our Thanksgiving actually ended up being. It was small and quiet and we loved every second of it.

Mini Apple Pie

Happy Holidays my friends.

Living. Loving. Celebrating.

Emily A G🦃

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