The Gift of Christmas

I talked a smidge about this on my Instagram account but I wanted to go into a little more detail on here.

Christmas has to be one of my favorite holidays, next to Valentine’s Day. I buy all of the little decorations and make wreaths, watch Christmas shows and don’t skip the Christmas music that comes into my iPod shuffle when it comes on.

But for my husband, he likes Christmas enough, he loves Halloween. So every year I do all of the Christmas set up for him as a gift.

I put up the lights, change the fireplace mantel, change the kitchen towels and set up the tree. The only thing I ask him to watch and be apart of is the decorating of the tree.

And in all honesty he mostly watches me go a smidge OCD on the lay out of the ornaments and lights and we listen to Bing Crosby Christmas radio on Pandora.

I love every second of it. Getting to decorate and the look on my husband’s face as soon as all of it is done is pretty incredible.

But it all started as a gift to him. Something I would just do and he wouldn’t even think about it. He would come in from work and everything would be ready to go! We would have dinner and then I would go into decorating while he unwinds to some Christmas music and I play and fiddle with the tree.

Oh the joy. The joy, joy, joy of it all.

He appreciates it. He loves it. And even better yet when he’s happy I’m happy. (And vise versa)

Living. Loving. Christmasing.

Emily A G 🎄

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