Christmas Eve (a poem)

On the morning before Christmas, although the house, Emily was stirring, you’d think she was a mouse!

She bolted to the coffee maker to make sure it was running and made lots of squealing noises when she saw the coffee coming.

She ran down the stairs in a fit and a hurry- not a care in the world, not even a worry!

She loved Christmas so much she sat by the tree, she prayed and prayed some of these presents where for she!

She tried not to think about all the wrapping and bows- as she was too focused on what could be clothes!

Emily hustled up the stairs to see if the coffee was ready, but tripped on the stairs because of Loretta’s stuffed Teddy.

Laying there in giggles because it was so silly. She couldn’t even be mad- because it was so chilly.

The rains had been coming- all month long and Emily thought “Nothing this time of year could go wrong!”

As she picked up the Teddy and moved up the stairs. Emily noticed a smell of burning in the air.

Now cautiously walking into the smelly kitchen air- she saw the coffee spilling over all over well, everywhere!

Somehow the pot got knocked sideways on the plate so she pondered and wondered… “Well now isn’t this great?”

She cleaned in a hurry. Not trying to curse too loud. “Oh good golly Christmas, I better have good presents in that mound!”

Finally after the hours have passed. It was officially 8:30! She could go wake rest!

She crawled into bed. Singing coos and carols, when Loretta began to stir- Yes! Eureka!

The husband groaned and asked for another hour. She smiled and said, “It’s now or never!”

So as her Christmas began, just a day early, Emily smiled and wondered, “God am I really this lucky?”

And with that she smiled as she heard in her heart, “Merry Christmas My darling. This is just the start!”

Merry Christmas Eve my lovelies. I hope you enjoyed my silly poem. Hope everyone is having a beautiful day and that tomorrow will bring a smile to all of your faces!!

Living. Loving.

Emily A G❤️🎄

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