There’s a change in the air

I want to be more of an open book.

I’m sure I said this last year too, but I want to start being able to share things I never thought I would feel fully comfortable sharing with strangers.

I want to show people the changes I have been going through.

The change that’s has been in the air for a little while now.

“Emily what’s going on?” “Emily what are you doing?” “Why are you changing more?”

The answer is simple and complex. The answer is easy as well as the most complicated thing I have ever answered.

God told me to change. God told me to keep changing. God wants me to keep growing and becoming something new and even more beautiful to Him. He made me the way that I am. He created this lil monster that I call myself. He couldn’t wait to get me back and now that He has me, I never want Him to let me go.

So I’m going to change more. I’m going adjust myself even more to be more like Him. Have a heart like Him. Have a spirit of belonging to Him.

And when those kinds of changes happen in a person’s life… everything changes dramatically. For the better and for the more difficult. Excepting God does not mean that everything in your life will be rainbows and butterflies. It means now everything you can do is to bring glory to Him. Bring honor to Him. Things starting taking on Kingdom value instead of value for myself.

And if that doesn’t sound stressful to you… Well you’re lucky. Because I’m a bit panicked about it….

And to be even more honest, I terrified and worried about who what I thought I was turning into something different. For the better I’m sure but still I’m scared of what I might be in the next year.

But my story isn’t my own anymore. It belongs to God. It’s now His story of glory that is shining through my life. I’m beyond humbled in my heart to know that I have been chosen for something by Him. That out of everyone He has picked me, and I could never have gotten to this point without Him.

He is beautiful and He is strong.

So I’m going to accept the change He has for me with open arms just like He has His arms open for me.

Change. It’s coming.

Living. Loving. Worshiping.

Emily A G🙏🏻

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