Our Wedding Anniversary

It’s the most beautiful day in the year to me!

Not only was it wonderful and rainy that day but also I got to marry the most beautiful man in the whole wide world in his family’s living room, barefoot in a Vera Wang gown.

Wonderful. Beautiful. Blessed. That’s how that day felt.

It was for family and a select couple, so there was very little drama. The cake had an issue with the flower center piece but my brother in law made it beautiful.

Our wedding cake.

I forgot to eat breakfast and was starving so my mother fed me chocolates while my soon to be sister in law did my hair.

Thank you Mama for always feeding me! 🍫

I brushed my teeth after I did my make up so my photographer fixed my lipstick for me…

LAARNE is seriously the best!

Easy peasy. And then we got married, and during our first dance my husband stepped on my dress. ::palm to the face emoji here please::


Again, not a big deal. The photo only shows the moment I told him he was on it. (Thank you Taylor for catching that moment 😆)

It was all wonderful. I’m so thankful for it. It’s going to be so amazing to see what this next year of marriage has in store for us.

This year is the wood anniversary, so expect a post coming up soon how how to make what I did for my husband! (I’m not going to write it here because I don’t know if he’ll read this post before I give it to him).

Gosh I have to say it’s so nice to be able to go back through these photos. Just for this post alone I went threw all of my albums to find just the right photos and getting the chance to take the short walk back is so fun.

So till next yearrrr.

Living. Loving. Looovvviingg.

Emily A GRAHAM 💍

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