Give it away

Lately I have been hearing lots and lots about the “if it does t give you joy, give it away,” kinda deal.

This is hard for me. As I’m sure it is for others.

Becauseeeeee giving things away means not that I don’t have it anymore but the possibilities seem to disappear with it.

To be honest I’m not a pack rat. But thinking about the future is what I do 80% of the time. What if I need it later? What if I can find a way to repurpose it or recycle it into something new.

So I hold onto things. I keep things so close my house always feels semi cluttered to me and it BOTHERS me.

That’s why when I’m stressing about it I box up everything I’m not in need of and then put it in our storage unit, and then every couple of months if I haven’t used any of it or needed it back out of storage I donate it.

It. Actually. Helps.

And I hate it. 😆 Because it helps and all I want is to be comfortable in what I have. Be happy in my surroundings, and while I work and work to keep our home feeling like a home and sometimes it feels more like a museum of all of the things I have spent money on.

And other times it feels like I’m just wanting a good purge. Lamely whenever I do purge it just happens that I go and buy more things to make that emptiness fall away.

So why am I writing all of this down… well… I’m gonna purge again. I gotta. After the holiday season is all over the house just feels full and I’m ready to change that. Help things become a little bit more simplistic in our home. While also struggling with keeping cozy and not looking like things can’t be touched or messed with.

Please also consider the size of my home. It’s small. It’s a one bedroom, one bath, kitchen (upstairs) and a living room (downstairs). So making sure it’s not just packed to the gills with things is more complicated then I would appreciate.


Soooo in closing, because this post is starting to sound like a ramble, I’m going to clean house. I’m going to go to the Salvation Army and pray someone finds love in the pieces I have collected over the years, because God knows I have loved every piece so much- I just can’t look at it all anymore.

Living. Loving. Cleaning House.

Emily A G🧺

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