February Instagram Recap

Oh boy oh boy has this month been a roller coaster. 80% of my chores never got touched, my feelings and emotions where all on a high 11 and now that it’s over I’m actually feeling a bit of stress for March.

Lots of yard work was done, a spur of the moment trip to Illinois happened because of the passing of my beloved Aunt, Valentines Day, our wedding anniversary, rain and lots and lots of late nights going through the feels.

2020 you have been one hell of a year so far… I’m starting to get anxious about the months ahead…

Loretta snuggles.
Property wanders ☀️
Happy Valentines Day
Anniversary spent betting on our love.
Wrigley Field. Home.
Pollination Season 🌿🐝🌼
One of my favorite photos of the walk around Wrigley. ⚾️🥇🏟

Living. Loving. Recapping.

Emily A G😕

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