Inspirational Post (Yes they are coming back!)

With all of the sad things and tough times we are all going through right now and watching the news doesn’t make us feel better and reading blog posts about the same topics of how to feel better during all of this just are getting tiresome, I wanted to bring back the “Inspiration Post”.

I know right now we are all under some sort of lock and key and the aggravation attached to it can become overwhelming and seeing news on the topic and twitter posts and FaceTime messages are not always the answer.

It’s been a good long year (or more) since I have done one of these posts and while scrolling through my page looking at things I’ve done I was reminded of something that truly brought me joy during all the hard stuff.

These posts consist of my mood colors for the month. Images that are cheering me up, quotes that have beautiful images layered behind them. These posts hold it all.

So here we go… back into it…

If you can’t tell I’m day dreaming a lot of being outside lately. Lots of rainy weather in my area so now not only am I stuck at home but stuck inside… it’s been a journey.

Hope you are all well! And feel inspired to be somewhere else mentally for a little bit.

Living. Loving. Blogging.

Emily A G📸

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