Garden Update April 2020

Well our Spring showers have finally hit and I couldn’t be more thankful!

The rains slipped over us almost all winter long and it put a fear in our bellies of a hot hot summer.

Now I’m beginning to watch everything bloom and get larger and another panic kicks in… Fire season.

Buttttttt I’m going to skip that right now.

Instead we will talk about all of the wonderful growth happening in my gardens.

🍋Lemon Tree

And it’s growing! FINALLY we have like 5 lemons started and several blossoms.

Pomegranate Tree

I moved it up top on the property and it seems to be super happy and doing very well! (Sorry for the bad photo. There’s lots of grasses I gotta get rid of as well.)

Mint Basil

Our Mint Basil has been spreading all over!

🍊Blood Orange Tree

It’s honestly gotten sooo big. This picture just looked the prettiest.


Jasmine starts. All fully standing! Can’t wait to put these near my fence line!


Roquettes. Cute, small and bitter lettuce. But they will work on salads!

🍏Apple Tree

Our first Spring Bud has arrived!!!

Whatever this thing is…

Whatever he or she is it’s beautiful and seems to be doing well enough even though it’s a super cool jungle humid plant.

It’s been a wonderfully full growing season this spring. Lots of heavy rains and good ground saturation. Oh yeah and lots and lots of weeds to pull but I’m getting around to it. Slowly but surely.

I’ll post another update come end of summer I’m guessing. Can’t wait to show you what else will be going on by then!

Living. Loving. Gardening.

Emily A G🌿

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