May Flashforward Friday

While thinking on what I would like to share this month for flashback Friday I suddenly felt stumped.

I want to flashback to all kinds of times.

Times when I could go to the mountains, times when I could go to the bar and see my friends, the simple times of going to the grocery store…

There’s so much I want to go back to….

But my heart keeps telling me to look forward. Keep looking forward to the new things coming, to the times changing and everyone being able to exhale finally.

So it’s been complicated for me to look back at a recipe or time or project and not get a smidge bummed out. But I think I have figured out what to flashback on…

Nothing. I’m going flash foreword.

Most plans are up in the air right now for everyone seeing we don’t know what’s coming in the next months ahead but I have decided to keep making plans.

I have been making plans on small changes and additions I’m going to keep doing to the house.

I have lists out the wazoo of the things I want to have accomplished in the yard before family is allowed to come back over.

I have created designs on sewing projects I’m going to create as soon as I can get the fabric order in.

It’s been a true adventure for me at my kitchen table. Better then looking back.

That’s for sure.

So all in all I can’t wait to share the plans I accomplish and the goal areas I’m goi g to start sharing on here for my hone ideas.

Lots of wonderful things are coming… I can feel it.

Living. Loving. Planning.

Emily A G👌🏻

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